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Allevamento amatoriale Shiba Inu
e Golden Retriever Americano


We are Regina and Salvatore and welcome you to our breeding site, which we like to call "family," born and raised as our life together has evolved. We started with the purchase of our corner of paradise in thehinterland of the romagnola riviera, e dal desiderio di intrecciare le nostre esistenze con quelle di compagni fedeli per la vita. L’incontro fatale con un piccolo shiba giapponese trasformò per sempre le nostre vite e successivamente il desiderio mai sopito di Salvatore di allevare una razza “born in the U.S.A.” come lui, ci farà innamorare anche del American Golden Retriever. Then again, opposites attract, and the Shiba and the Golden look very different, complementing each other and living harmoniously together. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the breed or any concerns you may have in choosing to introduce a new member to your family. We would be happy to help you become a trained and knowledgeable owners.

Our philosophy

We firmly believe that choosing not to breed an excessive number of dogs is the right way to obtain excellent subjects for both morphology and standards  but especially for character and sociality.

Our puppies are accustomed from the start to Auditory stimulation through the use of music and as soon as possible to the Knowledge of other members of our pack in modo tale da consegnare alle nuove famiglie cuccioli di Shiba o cuccioli di Golden Retriever Americano già propensi alla socializzazione.

The puppies are sold after the 60th day of life and not before our trusted veterinarian confirms that it is absolutely ready to be surrendered.

The puppies are obviously in possession of microchip, health booklet with regular vermifuge and vaccine cycle, ENCI pedigree.

All of our adult specimens possess the certifications for hip dysplasia, of the elbow and of the oculopathies.

Il nostro allevamento di Shiba e Golden Retriever Americano dispone di collaboratori per il trasporto di cuccioli con mezzi autorizzati, in tutto il mondo.

Filippo Zini
Filippo Zini
Michele Grimaldi
Michele Grimaldi
raffaele acri
raffaele acres
I adopted an akita puppy welcomed into a family environment, which conveyed sincere affection toward their furry children. Scrupulous care of growth in both feeding and medical prophylaxis. Professionalism of the necessary reports and documentation. Over all and all the great heart of Mrs. Regina true driving passion engine of the breeding that manages to establish a special relationship with all adopting families. Congratulations and a bright well-deserved future.
Alessandra Montuoro
Alessandra Montuoro
After deciding to welcome a small shiba into our family, we searched for a good breeding in our area. That is how we arrived at Salvatore and Regina's Akai Senshi. Already impressed by the professionalism shown over the phone, we arrived at the place and fell in love with the place, how lovingly and carefully the specimens are kept. We then decided and waited and, what the restrictions for Covid made impossible for us, such as further visits, the breeder made more "bearable" for us, updating us with info and photos. Finally our little Kenji is now home with us and he is a lively, intelligent, affectionate dog.... We are madly in love with him. Thank you so much for everything Salvatore and Regina. Hugs from Alessandra, Christian and Kenji.
Pasquale Dell'aversana
Pasquale Dell'aversana
My family and I stayed at Salvatore and Regina's in August after several phone calls made to different breeders of this wonderful breed.Arrived at the cattery just x information we came home with a reservation for a Shiba puppy.Their simplicity,their friendliness without a lot of words,the exemplars of the cattery made us decide.We picked up the puppy on Saturday,what to say....splendid in every sense.From the first hours he let us know him when he had to evaquate the needs,balanced,calm, but not too much, as it should be! We thank you x the availability given us in the months of waiting and the one you continue to give us.Pasquale Francesca Gaia 👪 and Hiko 🐶
vittorio pioppi
victorio pioppi
Mia Morichetti
Mia Morichetti
Lovely dogs and sweet friendly staff I got a dog and I must say the price is quite low which is good
Camilla Tontini
Camilla Tontini
We got an Akita from this kennel! Perfectly balanced dog of a unique tranquility ( we have a little girl at home). Great people and helpful ALWAYS! SUPER RECOMMENDED 🔝🔝🔝
Antonella De Fusco
Antonella De Fusco
Reliable , kind and helpful before and after adoption. Little Haru is amazing and beautiful! See you soon

Come and meet our Shiba Inu and American Golden Retriever puppies

Contact us for information and reservations

Write to us for information

    Write to us for information and reservations


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    Via Monte Auro, 370, 47834 Montefiore Conca RN

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